1. Suho Color Palette ✿  Requested by: Jooncherry

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  5. make me choose:
    anon asked: chomi or choji

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  7. ilovethe999999999:

    The story of "Yoon Bomi and the lollipop" ….With mini appearance of Park Chorong

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  11. 6 random gifs of oh hayoung

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  17. A Pink reveal they're getting close with B1A4


    Chorong said, “We’ve stood on stage with B1A4 about 5 times since debut. We even had an overseas event together, but we just started to talk last year at the end of the year. We were practicing, so we spent Christmas eve together. But they were really nice and they bought cake and invited us to eat with them. We got close when we ate together.”

    She added, “We were asking each other things like, ‘how old are you?’ and ‘what are you doing lately?’, and then we got to, ‘Didn’t we stand on stage together last time?’. We realized we’ve been on stage together really often. We even had a time where we stood on stage together as rookies. But both teams don’t really talk, so we just started to talk to each other.”

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  19. yitaozi:

    /hears about apink getting close to b1a4/



    let this group ship happen

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  21. Hold my hand and never let go.

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